COVID-19 vaccine deliveries continue to be less than promised from Moderna and Pfizer

Canada can expect a smaller shipment of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine the week of February 22nd, but Major General Dany Fortin doesn’t know by how much.

He explained that Moderna’s latest batch arrived on Thursday with 180,000 doses instead of the originally promised 230,000.

Moderna is citing global demand as a challenge.

Fortin, who is leading Canada’s vaccine distribution plan, has been told by the pharmaceutical company, they are trying to provide as many doses as fairly and equitably as possible.

He expects the next shipment to arrive on time, but hasn’t yet heard what the quantity will be.

The original promise was for 249,000.

Premier Scott Moe has been pressing the Federal Government for more clarity and certainty on vaccine delivery.

Fortin understands it’s a challenge for the provinces and territories to plan their vaccine schedule, but said he can’t be more specific without any numbers to give.

Earlier this week, 79,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine arrived and were distributed, and another 70,000 doses are expected next week.

Fortin added that Pfizer has indicated they will scale up shipments later in February to hit their target of 4-million.


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