Yorkton Regional Health Centre experiencing multiple COVID-19 outbreaks

The Yorkton Regional Health Centre is dealing with active COVID-19 outbreaks.

Janna-Lea Yawney is the Interim Director of Acute Care for the Yorkton area. She says to date, a total of 47 cases are connected to three outbreaks in two units of the hospital, the 1st East and 1st West Medical Units as well as the Intensive Care Unit. The ICU outbreak was declared on January 17 while the outbreaks at the medical units were declared on January 19.

She adds there are two suspected outbreaks at the 2nd West Obstetrics Unit and 2nd South Medicine and Pediatrics Unit.

Among the cases, 21 are healthcare workers and 7 patients, including one patient in ICU.

Yawney says healthcare staff and patients who have COVID-19, or work in those units, will be staying in the affected areas to limit the spread of the virus.

“We continue to implement the many guidelines, such as screening upon arrival, personal protective equipment as well as enhanced cleaning to ensure patient and staff safety,” Yawney said.

Despite the outbreaks, she ensures the public that they can still go to the hospital should they need medical care.

“We want the public to know that they’re certainly able to come to the Yorkton Regional Health Centre to continue to access any care they may need including lab, x-ray and emergency,” she said.

Yawney also noted the chemotherapy program has been temporarily relocated to another location within the Yorkton Regional Health Centre “to minimize travel throughout the hospital, given that they are a vulnerable population.”



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