Controversial oil and gas amendment from Regina City Council loses more support

Another member of Regina city council has pulled back support from a controversial amendment that would prohibit oil and gas companies from sponsoring or advertising on city property.

Ward 6 Councillor Dan LeBlanc, who originally put forward the amendment that was approved during Executive Committee last week, announced on social media he would support withdrawing the motion altogether.

LeBlanc says it was a roughly-even split between support and opposition to the motion from the public.

“Those who supported the motion were a lot of those who voted for me and they said ‘we’re really happy to see the city taking it’s 2050 renewable goal seriously, we’re happy to see a council — or any government, frankly — that’s willing to make difficult decisions (and) stand up to against the oil lobby,’ that kind of stuff.”

LeBlanc says many residents made it clear to him the motion was too much, too soon.

“I didn’t want to alienate folks who might be future supporters of the movement towards sustainability because I think we really are going to need them as we go forward,” LeBlanc said. “Things have to change from how they’ve been in the past, but I heard from people that this is too much change too fast.”

LeBlanc says he never thought an amendment he put forward would cause so much buzz so early in his time on council.

“Talking to some of my colleagues who have been on council before, they’ve said this is probably the most calls they’ve gotten in their eight or 12 years on council, so it definitely seems like a bit of a unique situation.”

LeBlanc is one of three Councillors willing to pull back from their initial support of the amendment, meaning the motion itself will likely be defeated.

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