Two people, including Edmonton youth, facing trafficking charges after drug bust in Yorkton

RCMP have charged two people after a drug bust at an apartment in Yorkton.

Officers were called to an apartment building on Bradbrooke Drive, where they found close to 52 grams of cocaine and just under $1,500 in cash.

Another search at a residence on Second Avenue South saw the seizure of over 296 grams of cocaine. Between the two seizures, more than 7,000 individual doses of cocaine were taken off the streets, according to RCMP.

34-year-old Latoya Pauchay of Yorkton is charged with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, while a 17-year-old youth from Edmonton faces two drug trafficking related charges.

The youth appeared in court on Monday, while Pauchay is scheduled to appear on Feb. 8.

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