Regina man with outstanding warrants for evading police arrested Monday

A Regina man with outstanding warrants is in custody after attempting to evade police on early Monday morning.

At about 12:30 a.m., Regina police officers southbound on Lewvan Drive noticed a black Oldsmobile Alero driving 30 km/h below the speed limit. According to the Regina Police Service, this indicates that either there is a mechanical issue with the vehicle or it may be a suspected impaired driver behind the wheel.

When police activated emergency equipment, the vehicle accelerated away. Officers pulled over and gave a description of the vehicle to other patrol members.

Later on, another officer located the vehicle northbound on Albert Street and a second attempt to stop the vehicle was conducted, however the driver managed to evade police again.

The vehicle was eventually stopped, and a man and a woman were taken out of the vehicle without further incident. Police found that the man, who was the driver of the vehicle, had stolen property and possession of a weapon.

38-year-old Daniel Alfred St. Cyr made his first court appearance on Monday morning in Regina.

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