Federated Co-op partners with Indigenous communities for Western Nations gas bar project

Federated Cooperatives Limited has developed what FCL describes as a new, exclusive Western Nations gas bar brand.

FCL says they created Western Nations in consultation with Indigenous leaders and communities across Western Canada.

The goal is to grow a network of independent, locally owned Indigenous gas bars using the Western Nations brand. FCL says the program’s focus is on re-investing in the Indigenous communities where Western Nations gas bars are based.

Co-op will supply and support independent gas bars in Indigenous communities and manage the Western Nations brand. Communities will maintain ownership of their locations and make their own decisions.

Vice-President of Energy with FCL, Brian Humphreys, says one of the benefits for ownership of a Western Nations Gas Bar is access to a Community Building Assistance Program.

Co-op will provide a cents-per-litre grant annually, based on volumes sold, for local community-building initiatives.


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