SGI estimates close to 2,000 property claims after powerful blizzard

SGI says they have received lots of reports of property damage after last week’s blizzard.

The storm, which smashed January wind records, also caused massive power outages and disruptions.

SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurchy says they expect this to be the most significant storm event of the winter by far.

“We have seen a considerable increase in property claims and auto claims reported to SGI,” said McMurchy. “When it comes to property claims especially, we’re looking at well over 1,000, and by the time all is said and done and people have finished filing their claims, we could be in the neighbourhood of 2,000 property claims.”

McMurchy says the claims have come from anywhere between Prince Albert and the U.S. border.

He says if you are filing a claim, it’s best to have as much evidence as possible. He urges people to not try and fix anything if they can’t do so safely.

“Take as many detailed notes and pictures of the damage that they’ve experienced,” said McMurchy. “We absolutely encourage them to take photos and note any other kind of damage that they experienced. They may want to enlist professional help, especially if they’re taking steps to prevent further damage.”

While they have received a number of claims, McMurchy says it’s too early to estimate how much damage the storm actually caused.

The most recent wind storm in 2017 cost SGI $16 million.

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