Start of NHL season brings excitement for one local sports bar

The weather may have been terrible Wednesday night, but that didn’t stop many people from taking in the opening night of the NHL season at one Regina business.

The Canadian Brewhouse on Eastgate had a solid night as fans came in to drink some beer, eat some wings, get out of the house to socialize and watch some hockey.

General Manager Trevor Friesen says  with the COVID restrictions they are under, the start of the season combined with the NFL playoffs has meant business has been as good as it can be.

“Compared to what it could be, we will take what we can.” Friesen said.  “Usually January is a slow month for us as people are winding down from Christmas, but this year has been a little different. The World Juniors, the NFL playoffs and the start of the NHL season has brought people out.  We have had a really good start to the month so hopefully it continues.”

Friesen adds that like many others in his industry, staff are going above and beyond to make the experience at the Brewhouse a great one in which everyone is kept safe.

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