Health minister appoints new eHealth board of directors

Changes have been made for eHealth Saskatchewan’s board of directors following Friday’s Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner’s (OIPC) report on the organization’s systems breach that occurred just over a year ago.

Health Minister Paul Merriman announced on Tuesday that he has appointed a new board of directors for eHealth Saskatchewan. The two-person board includes Ministry of Health Associate Deputy Minister Denise Macza and Ministry of Health Assistant Deputy Minister Billie-Jo Morrissette who will replace the previous board chair and directors.

Merriman said the updated board will provide closer oversight of eHealth and have been provided instruction to begin an independent review of the “governance, management and program operations at eHealth.”

“I want the new board to be able to have a look at this, have some fresh eyes on it and see exactly what needs to be done in the near and long-term future,” he stated.

“The outgoing board did a good job as far as what they were asked to do, but I need to have this in close to me because this was a huge breach and I need to provide direct oversight into that. It’s very much closer if it’s done by associate deputy ministers.”

A statement by the government indicates that the changes “do not reflect a lack of confidence in the previous board chair and members.” Merriman said he met with the outgoing board chair and other members that were able to participate on the call on Tuesday morning to thank them for their service. He followed up that conversation with the new members.

The appointments are an interim measure since the duration of the new board hasn’t been determined as of yet.

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