Five more deaths and 248 new COVID-19 cases being reported

The province is reporting 248 new cases of COVID-19 Tuesday.  There are also 226 recoveries putting the active case count at 3,752.

We are also learning there have been five more deaths, which brings the provincial total to 204.

Two of the deaths are people over the age of 80 in the Regina zone, another two were in their 70’s with one in the far Northwest and the other in the Northwest zone. The fight person is someone in the southeast region who was in their 30’s


The new cases are located in the Far North West (11), Far North Central (2), Far North East (20), North West (30), North Central (26), North East (5), Saskatoon (53), Central West (2), Central East (10), Regina (37), South West (2), South Central (8) and South East (11) . 31 new cases have pending residence information.

Twenty-seven cases with pending residence information were assigned to Far North West (6); Far North East (9); North West (2) and North Central (10) zones.

The amount of hospitalizations are down slightly as there are 191 currently receiving care which is down from six from Monday’s update.  Of those 191, 29 are in intensive care including nine in Regina.  The number of those getting intensive care is also down slightly as there were 31 on Monday.

The seven-day daily average now sits at 321 or 26.5 new cases per 100,000 population. This is the highest average reported to date in the province and is up substantially from the figure of 158 on December 31.

The latest on the vaccination program shows a total of 9,880 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Saskatchewan.

On January 11, 903 of these doses were administered in Regina (219), Saskatoon (81), Prince Albert (210), the Far North West (88), the Far North Central (64), the Far North East (122) and North East (119) zones.

This brings the totals to 2,069 doses and 1,449 second doses of Pfizer in the Regina pilot program; 2,928 Pfizer doses in Saskatoon; 824 Pfizer doses in Prince Albert; 684 Moderna doses in the Far North West zone; 226 Moderna doses in the Far North Central zone; 1,193 Moderna doses in the Far North East zone; and 507 Moderna doses in the North East zone.

The next Pfizer shipment of 6,825 doses in expected to arrive in Saskatoon today and vaccination will continue among priority long term care and personal care home residents and staff.

The next Moderna shipment of 5,400 doses is expected to arrive in Saskatchewan January 14. Five hundred doses will be distributed to the Far North East zone to continue the first doses in the priority sequencing. The remaining 4,900 doses will be distributed as first doses to priority long term and personal care home staff and residents and health care workers in the South East and Central East zones, including the communities of Wadena, Canora and Weyburn.

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