Five deaths, all residents test positive for COVID-19 in Lakeview Pioneer Lodge outbreak in Wakaw

Five people have died after testing positive for COVID-19 as part of the Lakeview Pioneer Lodge outbreak in Wakaw.

The outbreak began on Dec. 28. Since then, all residents have tested positive and up to 25 staff have tested positive. Another 20 staff members are at home with COVID-19 symptoms.

Lakeview Pioneer Lodge CEO Wayne Nogier says they’ve now moved to Phase two of their response.

“We’re really not preventing any further infection with the exception, of course, of our staff that are working and our people that the labour pool has put in,” Nogier said. “Now we’re maintaining health.”

Nogier says they have been in contact with family members via email on a daily basis and are talking with them directly on any changes being made.

“I think the communication plan is genuine and it’s working, and we’re getting good feedback from families about that.”

Six residents have also been moved to area hospitals, and one person is in the ICU.

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