Saskatchewan’s Green Party blaming SK COVID-19 deaths on government inaction

The Saskatchewan Green Party is accusing the Saskatchewan government of ignoring early post-election modelling that showed a likely surge in Covid-19.

Health Minister Paul Merriman is quoted as saying, “At the time, we wanted to make sure that we were reacting to what we saw, not what could come on the horizon.” Green Party leader Naomi Hunter asks, how is this any different from saying “We ignored the experts and trend data, because they were saying people would die and we didn’t want to believe it.”

Hunter is calling on the government to listen to its own experts and come up with what she calls, “a real plan to address this crisis properly.” She says people are dying because of government inaction.

The Party is also calling on the government to immediately legislate a Guaranteed Livable Income and a doubling of education and health budgets during this crisis.



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