Sask. Union of Nurses wants to see faster rollout of COVID-19 vaccines

Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) President Tracy Zambory is adamant that the province’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan couldn’t be more urgent. Yet when she speaks to members of the union, they feel there is a quicker way to get people vaccinated for COVID-19 than what is currently happening in the province.

SUN President Tracy Zambory shared on Monday how union members are frustrated by the government’s current vaccine rollout plan because doses are not being administered as fast as they had hoped.

“When I’ve got members who are trying to help out to get as many people as vaccinated as possible, and all they are getting is barriers from the health authority and ministry of health, it’s ridiculous and we can’t afford to wait here,” stated Zambory.

She said one way they could speed up the process is by re-evaluating health care services being delivered during the pandemic.

“We might have to have some service slowdowns so that we can free up the extremely important staff to be able to give the vaccines,” she suggested.

Overall, there are concerns among Zambory and other SUN members who believe there has not been enough transparency from the government.

She said the government has been giving the illusion that Saskatchewan is on pace for what we need to do in terms of vaccinating the population, but she insisted the province is not on pace.

“We’re falling very behind. We’re even behind Alberta in being able to get our population vaccinated,” explained Zambory.

“It really is poor leadership, a lack of coordination and transparency. And in the end, it’s going to be the people of Saskatchewan that suffer.”

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