Homeschooling numbers more than doubled in Saskatchewan

The number of Saskatchewan students enrolled in homeschooling this year has more than doubled.

Kevin Gabel, executive director of programs in the Ministry of Education, says in the previous year there were 2,779 students enrolled. As of this past September, enrolment was at 4,662 for an increase of 1,883 students.

Over the past few years, the average number of students taking homeschooling has been around 1.35 per cent and this year, with the pandemic more than likely the reason in many cases, it’s now at 2.45 per cent.

Gabel says students don’t have to follow the Saskatchewan education curriculum but they do have to include language arts, math, science and social studies.

He adds that the parent is in charge of finding all the information and resources.

Some parents and their children realize homeschooling doesn’t work for them, and in these cases, generally school divisions will welcome them back, either back to a physical building or to online learning.


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