UPDATE: Hargrave apologizes for California trip; gov’t says despite NDP’s wishes, he will remain in cabinet

The only place Highways Minister Joe Hargrave will be leaving soon is California.

The premier’s office says despite the claims of the NDP to have Hargrave removed from his cabinet position, that will not happen.

The NDP says a decision by Hargrave to leave the province and go to Palm Springs on what he says was essential business is a slap in the face to Saskatchewan people to had to make real sacrifices at Christmas this year because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Hargrave apologized for his actions shortly after the call from the NDP in which deputy leader Nicole Sarauer said was nothing short of disgusting because he thought such a trip—which was more personal in nature according to her than business–was acceptable.

In his statement, Hargrave says after speaking with the Premier, I realize that my decision to travel was an error in judgement at a time when so many people have had to make sacrifices during the pandemic. I apologize for this error in judgement and am returning to Canada as soon as my self-isolation period is over in California on January 5th.




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