Big honor in the US given to Weyburn’s Tenille Arts

Weyburn’s Tenille Arts continues to turn heads with her music south of the border.
The 26-year-old was recently named as one of the top faces of 2021 by a group representing country music broadcasters in the US.
Arts says this is something that is a big deal in the world of country music to up and coming stars.
“It is a big deal. I was totally blown away that we even qualified. We just barely made it before the deadline.” Arts said. “The radio programmers then did the voting and I was fortunate to be in the top five and in a showcase in February which is just so exciting.  It is really amazing.”
Other artists to be given the “CRS New Faces” distinction over the years include artists like Maren Morris, Luke Combs and Kelsea Ballerini as they have all used the support from the programmers to take their career to the next level.  Arts says to be in that position means a lot.
“That is the most exciting part of this.”. Arts said.  Those artists have all used this to be a stepping stone in their career. To have that group of people endorsing you and playing your music means a lot.  I think this will be so helpful to continue a presence in the United States as those who are programming country music are excited about you and they think you are one of the next big artists that they want to help.  It says a lot about what the next few years will be like.”
Arts has been able to do several big things like have songs of hers played on “The Bachelor” and performing the national anthem at the 2019 NBA Finals between Toronto and Golden State.  While those are highlights, she is hoping being named a CRS New Face will bring bigger and better things for a career that is growing will lead to what she is hoping will be a tremendous 2021.

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