Province’s largest skating rink to open at Mosaic Stadium

Mosaic Stadium is set to be turned into the province’s largest ice rink, Regina Exhibition Association announced Monday.

The project dubbed “Iceville” is aimed at providing people with a spectacular experience while staying safe and healthy.

REAL CEO Tim Reid says the idea spun off of the idea for a winter festival.

“We were planning to do a winter festival this year, something where we could have a  winter version of Queen City Exhibition, but unfortunately with COVID-19, all of that had to be postponed,” said Reid. “But we did talk about how we activate this as an arena facility. Our Director of Operations and his team came up with this idea, and they felt they could do it, and it looks like they have, so we’re really proud of it.”

Reid says they knew they could build a rink after the success of the 2019 Heritage Classic.

Regina Mayor Sandra Masters says the project shows how creative the city can be in difficult times.

“I think it shows what I always say about Regina, is we’re the most resilient bunch, and creative, and innovative to live where we live,” said Masters. “I do applaud the Exhibition Association for what they managed to pull off here. I think having the ability to have these kinds of opportunities, these memories is unique and needed, and it’ll give everybody just a chance to connect from a distance and see other people perhaps.”

Reid says the experience of Iceville will be like no other.

“It is such an unbelievable experience to be down here, I mean most of us don’t have the ability to stand at field level, or ice level, at a place where the Saskatchewan Roughriders normally play,” said Reid. “ I think once we do manage successfully to come out of COVID-19, we’re going to dream of these moments where you got to skate at center field, or you got to have this really unique opportunity in a small group because you could.”

People wanting to skate must pre-register to do so. Sessions will be 45 minutes long. and will be limited to 30 people.

Iceville officially opens New Year’s Eve.

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