Ideal conditions outdoors over Christmas according to Environment Canada

Environment Canada says it’s clear winter-driving weather for those doing travelling Thursday or Friday.

Meteorologist Terri Lang says no winter storms are set for the area either Thursday night or Christmas Day for most of Saskatchewan.

“Across central and southern Saskatchewan, Christmas Day look like quite a nice day,” Lang said. “Looks like there will be some snow across northern Saskatchewan, so something to keep in mind in much colder conditions, so those couple of days look good.”

Lang says temperatures are expected to be above normal for Christmas Day.

“Temperatures running above seasonal averages — which run about -8°C to -10°C for day-time high’s — with day-time high’s closer to -2°C to -5°C, it looks like a very nice day,’ Lang said. “Sunny sky, maybe a good day to get out there and sort of do your visiting outside.”

This comes as Saskatchewan is not allowing indoor gatherings with more than one household this holiday season, but will allow outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people.

However, Lang says a snow system could blow through southern Saskatchewan on Boxing Day, but she adds it shouldn’t be a major concern for those travelling on the highways.

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