SK’s vaccine roll-out plan coming Tuesday

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says his government will outline how COVID-19 vaccines will be distributed on Tuesday.

Moe isn’t saying a lot about the plan with more information coming Tuesday, but he does say healthcare workers and those who are vulnerable will be first in line to get the initial batch of vaccines that are coming Saskatchewan’s way and should be here by the end of the month.

News of that came Monday from the federal government as they announced it is expecting around 249,000 doses from Pfizer that it will ship out to the provinces on a per-capita basis meaning Saskatchewan should have enough to initially vaccinate around four-thousand people with each one of those people needing two shots.

Moe is very confident the process can be a smooth one.

“We have a solid track record when it comes to distributing vaccines in Saskatchewan.” Moe said after Question Period on Monday. “There’s a lot of effort, and it is a very intricate program that is coming together.”

NDP leader Ryan Meili is happy to see the first batch of vaccines coming into Saskatchewan, but he fears Moe and the Saskatchewan Party may use this to their advantage and try to deflect attention away from what he feels is the truth about the government and their response to the pandemic.

I worry Mr. Moe is focusing on the vaccine, not just to get the vaccine done, but also to change the channel from the fact that it’s failing us when it comes to protecting people from COVID-19,” said Meili. “When the messaging comes out, the main thing to promote is to vaccinate yourself to protect yourself and protect others. It is the message that should have been delivered from this government on masks for the last several months and wasn’t. Hopefully we will see a different approach when it comes to vaccines.


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