Moe remains hopeful public gatherings can be expanded for Christmas

Whether or not Saskatchewan families can spend Christmas with one another is still on the table, but Premier Scott Moe is remaining optimistic despite the fact there are a high amount of COVID-19 cases on a daily basis.

On Tuesday, Moe said it will all depend on what we are seeing and what recommendation the government is given from Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab.

“If he said that we are unable to relax any family visitations for even two or three days over Christmas, then we will be unable to do that,” Moe told reporters after Question Period. “If he says for three days, we might be able to have the opportunity to, for instance, see a loved one in a long-term care home, then we will look at that very seriously as well.”

The statement came on a day when COVID-19 numbers were lower with 181 cases being reported putting the seven-day average at 264.

Despite Moe’s claim that public gatherings could be expanded, NDP leader Ryan Meili remains skeptical and feels the Premier is being dishonest and is trying to establish a sense of false hope.

Meili, who says he won’t be spending Christmas with his family which will be tough for him and many others in Saskatchewan, feels that had Moe taken the advice of medical professionals that sent him a letter calling for a “circuit-breaker” that we would not be in the situation we are.

“I think trying to spin people a story that somehow we’ll be opening up for Christmas at the same time as we’re really going to be opening field hospitals is dishonest.” Meili said.

The current health guidelines that Saskatchewan is under are in place under December 17. Moe said at the time the guidelines were announced that they could be reviewed, renewed or revised.


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