December’s COVID-19 update begins with four deaths

The province is reporting four more COVID-19 deaths bringing the total to 51.

Three of the four were aged 8o or over with the fourth in the 60-79 age category. Three of the four were from the Saskatoon region with the fourth coming from the southeast.


The news comes as the province announces 181 new cases with 237 recoveries bringing the active case count down to 3,819. On November 1, that number stood at 798. Of those 3,819 cases, 827 of them (38.19 %) are in the Regina zone.

The new cases reported Tuesday are located in the Far North West (12), Far North East (15), North West (10), North Central (8), North East (1), Saskatoon (41), Central West (3), Central East (2), Regina (67), South West (5), South Central (4) and South East (7) zones and six (6) new cases have pending residence information.

Three cases with pending residence information were assigned to the North West (2) and Central East (1) zones.

121 people are in hospital which is down two from Monday’s report. Of those 121, 24 are receiving intensive care.

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