New COVID-19 numbers show one death and 153 new cases

A person in their 80’s from the Saskatoon zone has become the 33rd COVID-19 death in Saskatchewan.

The news comes as the province announces 153 new cases of the virus with 73 new recoveries meaning 2,145 cases are considered active nearly half of those in the province’s two biggest cities–Saskatoon and Regina.

The new cases are located in the Far North West (3), Far North Central (16), Far North East (4), North West (11), North Central (14), North East (1), Saskatoon (42), Central West (2), Central East (4), Regina (14), South West (14), South Central (4) and South East (20) zones. Four (4) new cases have pending residence information.


85 people are in hospital which is an increase of two from Thursday’s report. 66 people are receiving inpatient care; five in the North West, seven in North Central, one in the North East, 30 in Saskatoon, one in Central East, five in Regina, one in South Central and 16 in the South East zone. 19 people are in intensive care: one in the North West, three in North Central, eight in Saskatoon, one in Central East, one in South West and five in Regina.

2,826 tests were processed in Saskatchewan Thursday bringing the provincial total to 310,090

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