Snowstorm expected to hit Regina later Sunday afternoon

Regina is set to get a blast of winter today as a big snowstorm makes it way to the Queen City.

Shannon Moodie with Environment Canada says the storm is going to bring a whole lot of miserable weather.

“We’re expecting freezing rain or ice pellets to begin in Regina this afternoon, and that’s going to persist for most of the day,” said Moodie. “Then we’re going to see it transition to snow as temperatures start to cool off a little bit, and then we’re going to see snow that could be quite heavy overnight and we’re looking at about 10-20 cm for Regina.”

She adds that strong winds are expected which could result in blowing snow.

Moodie says many areas in the northern part of the province have seen heavy amounts of snow, resulting in travel not being recommended on many highways.

“There was a system moving through Saskatchewan yesterday that brought snow to areas around Saskatoon, Prince Albert, and North Battleford,” said Moodie, “The snow did persist through the night, and then they’re going to get another shot of snow with this next system moving through.”

Moodie encourages people to make sure that they avoid travel unless necessary.

She also encourages people to stay informed as things with the storm could change.

“Make sure people stay alert to any updated bulletins and their local forecast for more details,” said Moodie. “This storm is still developing so there could be some changes as it heads towards the southern prairies.”

Travel information can be found on the province’s Highway Hotline by clicking here.

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