Regina Public High Schools moving to Level 3; kids to attend class on alternate days

With COVID-19 cases on the rise in Regina, Regina Public Schools is announcing a change in the way high school students will get their learning effective November 12.

RPS says it will move to Level 3 in all high schools meaning students will attend on alternate days in order to reduce school capacity with assignments being given to them to work on on days that they are to be at home.

Spokesperson Terry Lazarou says these allowed improved safety measures will make it easier for classes to go ahead.

“If there is an outbreak or there is a class in a school closed because of a COVID outbreak or a case , it is easier for students because half of their learning will be done at home with homework.” Lazarou said. “They will be able to continue their learning and not have it interrupted and they can continue their studies in a more effective way.”

While students will not have an opportunity to speak to teachers directly on days that they are not there, Lazarou says students will be able to communicate with teachers through established means that they do have.

This does not pertain to elementary schools at this time. Lazarou says there is a reason for that.

“We have more kids, more students, more bodies in our high schools so this is a step we are taking to minimize the amount of people in our schools.” Lazarou said. ‘We know it may be inconvenient for some, but the focus is to minimize health and safety risks for students and staff.

Regina Public Schools says it will be monitoring elementary schools and prepare them for Level 3 if needed.

While the province did enact a mandatory mask policy for 28 days in Regina starting Friday, Lazarou says this policy will go until further notice and is not connected to the 28 days mandate as established by the province.

Regina Catholic Schools says at this time, it is not adjusting high school days to include regular distance learning for classes which are not currently online. RCSD adds it is important to note however, that we remain flexible and are fully prepared to adjust should the situation in any of our schools require a change.


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