As November arrives so does daytime highs in the high teens

November is upon us, but some parts of Saskatchewan could reach 20 degrees this week.

Regina and Moose Jaw will see temperatures climb into the high teens before a harsh return to reality on the weekend.

Environment Canada’s Terri Lang says a ridge of high pressure is the cause of the warm up.

“Well we have the jet stream which is sending all the weather systems way up above the southern part of Saskatchewan, so what that’s doing is sucking in the milder southwesterly winds and much of southern and central Saskatchewan will benefit.

The normal daytime high for Regina this time of year is around plus 4.

Come this weekend a major shift will bring snow and below seasonal temperatures.

“Absolutely and that major shift is not uncommon this time of year,” Lang said. “We will see a quite significant weather system move through on the weekend, and we’re keeping an eye on that one because it looks like a decent type of snow storm could happen, with snow, blowing snow and even freezing rain thrown in there,” Lang said.

On Monday a high of 16 is expected in the Queen City.

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