SHA placing restrictions on Saskatoon nightclubs

As of Friday, changes are coming when it comes to the hours that Saskatoon nightclubs will be open and when alcohol has to stop being served.

With the city dealing with numerous COVID-19 outbreaks at places like the Longbranch, Diva’s and Outlaws, a public health order has been issued which states no more alcohol consumption between 10 p.m and 9:30 a.m and that nightclubs close at 11 p.m with reopening occurring at 9:30 a.m

Provincial chief medical health officer Dr. Saqib Shahab says there is a reason why the measures aren’t being enacted province-wide.

“That’s (Saskatoon) where a lot of the larger clusters due to nightclub venues have happened. “Shahab said. “Obviously, if we were to see it more broadly, further considerations may apply but in Prince Albert and Regina, the transmission has not been linked to any specific sector.

Health Minister Jim Reiter says he is disappointed to see some businesses not following guidelines and protocols that have been established and if additional enforcement and messaging might happen.

“I think we need to be prepared to do what we need to do.” Reiter said. “Something else we need to do is to be a little more aggressive on the education side because I think its very important. The issue around the nightclubs for example is generally speaking being transmitted amongst younger people so we need to impress on them the importance of following the health guidelines.”

In addition to the restrictions being placed on Saskatoon nightclubs, the SHA is telling all nightclubs and bars in Saskatchewan that there can be no more than six people at a table, mingling is not allowed amongst groups and tables and that karaoke and dance floor activities remain a no-go.

It is also recommended that bars, nightclubs and licenced establishments take the name and contact information of customers to assist in contact tracing if there is possible transmission.

There are 666 active cases of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan on Wednesday after the announcement of 67 new cases and 53 recoveries. 20 are in hospital.



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