Saskatchewan people can now download COVID-19 tracing app

People in Saskatchewan now have another layer of protection when it comes to keeping themselves safe from COVID-19.

On Friday, the province announced a COVID-19 tracing app from the Canadian government is now available for you to download.

Federal Digital Government Minister Joyce Murray says the app, which has had 2.5 million downloads so far in Ontario and Newfoundland, protects your privacy and you.

“When you download the app, you will be notified if another person using the app has tested positive.” Murray said. “There are privacy issues so you will not know who it is that has triggered the notification and you will not know where the contact has taken place. If you get the alert, you can take the necessary steps.”

For those who do test positive and have the app, you will be provided a one-time key from public health. You then enter that key into the app so it can let others know who have been within six feet of you for at least 15 minutes over a 24-hour period within the last 14 days.

Saskatchewan and New Brunswick are the third and fourth provinces to get the app with Murray hoping all provinces will soon have it at their disposal.


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