Regina Public Schools say so far, so good with new school year

The first week of school is in the books and it would seem as if all has gone well.

Terry Lazarou with the Public School Board says they are hearing many positives from everyone which does validate the plan that was put out there when it comes to keeping everyone safe.

“It’s a bit of a validation that our planning, especially that at the school level was complete and well-conceived.” Lazarou said. “We got through the first week without any significant hiccups and that’s a good thing. ”

That being said, Lazarou knows things can change in an instant as evidenced by what is happening in Saskatoon where three schools, including two high schools, have had COVID-19 cases in the first week.

“Regina can go the same direction if people aren’t careful.” Lazarou said. “Everyone wants our students and our staff to be as careful as possible and that is what is shown in our plan. We think in that first week. a great job was done getting the message across to students as everything ran smoothly.”



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