Walking With Our Angels protest camp closes down

The Walking With Our Angels protest set up in Wascana Park in front of the Legislature came to an end Sunday.

Tristen Durocher walked more than 630 kilometres earlier this summer from Air Ronge to Regina to protest a lack of action being done to prevent suicide in northern Saskatchewan. His protest included a 44 day fast and staying in a tipi in front of the Legislature.

Durocher says he doesn’t feel like he accomplished what he wanted.

“I wanted meaningful action and there was no Legislation passed, there was no emergency session called, and there was no attempt on the part of our majority government to do anything more than they’ve already vaguely promised and outlined in Pillars for Life.

Durocher says he believes not enough people heard the message.

“But, that court ruling did receive some national recognition, and it will have implications in courts throughout Canada,” Durocher said. “It will be part of the legal historical record of Canada for years to come.”

Durocher says he plans to return to northern Saskatchewan to teach music.

“This was just me having enough and wanting to express my opinion, and have some ceremony to honour the people that we’ve lost and their families that are still grieving to try to help them on their journeys of healing.”

While the province announced their Pillars for Life suicide prevention plan back in May, Durocher says that doesn’t do enough for northern Saskatchewan residents, where suicide is the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 10 to 49.

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