Recommendation made to turn former Capital Pointe site into temporary parking lot

If councillors say yes to the idea Tuesday afternoon at a meeting of the City’s Planning Commission, the spot where the Capital Pointe project was to have been built will become a parking lot.

The matter will be discussed with the recommendation being that the spot be turned into a parking lot which would serve almost 100 cars, motorcycles and bicycles for a one-year period.

The applicant looking to purchase the property has indicated the lot is needed for one year and is necessary for what is a larger plan.

If approved, the matter would go to Regina City Council for a final vote later this month.

In 2009, the spot at the corner of Victoria and Albert, where the old Plains hotel once stood, was proposed to be a 27-storey hotel and condo tower but a variety of problems resulted in a massive hole which became an embarrassment for the city being refilled in 2019.

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